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How to use index funds and ETFs for passive crypto income

ETFs and index funds have a number of benefits for passive income investors. They instantly diversify investments among a variety of securities, lowering the risk involved with holding individual equities.

Enterprise blockchain: ‘Ethereum for Business’ explains key use cases

In Ethereum, both the money and the stuff can be represented as tokens, while the terms of the exchange between two parties can be captured in a smart contract.

BItcoin, Blockchain Tokens Rally on Back of Ruling

While this early ruling suggests some respite for entities like Coinbase, the crypto landscape remains complex and fraught with regulatory uncertainty. The SEC’s scrutiny continues, with charges against the bankrupt crypto lender Celsius and ongoing....

The Key is Consistency

Everyone has heard the stories of people becoming rich by buying a ton of bitcoin in the early days before 2013. But has anyone heard about the people who have become rich by adopting the slow and steady approach? Here are some statistics: - Buy....